How to find the perfect customer; for your home business

In this post I’m going to show you how to find the perfect customer for your home business.

Finding the perfect customer doesnt have to be hard it’s not rocket science, but there is a science to it.

these few tips I’m going to share with you will help you out when looking for the perfect customer for your business. knowing

who your perfect customer is will save you time, it will save you money when your advertising. I believe that if you know who

the customer is (knowing is half the battle) then you will easley be able to find them.

Create a customer avatar

The first thing I believe you should do is make a decision on who you want to serve, men, women, fathers who looking for some extra cash, mom’s who want to stay home with their kids, who do you want to help reach a perticular goal. I borrowed The Ultimate Avatar Worksheet from Justice Eagan fill this worksheet out so you can know who you want to serve.

THEULTIMATE Avatar Worksheet

PAGE 1…..Demographics

PAGE 2….Goals, Desires & Values

PAGE 3…..Challenges & Pain Points

PAGE 4…..Sources of Information

PAGE 5…..Features & Benefits


NOTE: You may not rely on all of these demographic details

but it’s helpful to fill them all out.



Marital Status:

Children Y/N:

(If So) Childrens’ Age Range:


Type Of Occupation:

Possible Job Title’s:

Income Range:


NOTE: People have many goals and desires, but here you

want to make a list of all the goals and desires relevant to

the product, service, or opportunity you’re offering.






NOTE: These are the challenges your ideal customer faces

relevant to the solutions that your product, service, or

opportunity offers.





NOTE: These are the pains those challenges create for your

ideal customers






NOTE: People congregate by nature, and the more detailed you get here

the easier it will be to figure out “WHERE” your ideal customer, client, or

teammate is hanging out online. Remember your customer doesn’t have to

have read a book or attended a school. Simply ask yourself, my ideal

customer would read ___________? And fill in the blank.

Books / magazine

blogs / websites

Schools / confrences / learning

Guru’s / leaders / authorities


NOTE: What are the objections that your ideal customer is

likely to put between them and making a decision to buy or






Look for people who are looking for you


In my marketing community MLSP we are taught “I’m looking for people who are looking for me” what that mean is I’m looking for people who already using or looking for what i have. If i sell a green product I’m not trying to convence people they need to go green I’m looking for people who already buy green products, my job is to show them how my product is diffrent and better. Peolple who already buy green products know the benefits of using them so all i need to do is find a problem with the product they are already using and show how mine solves it. The reason you are reading this blog post you want to know how to find the perfect customer, my product solves that problem. Because I have the solution to your problem you are looking for me, i created this blog post because i am looking for you. CHECK OUT OUR COMMUNITY



Use social media to find customer

Before you start using social media to find customers you must understand that people come to social media to be social not to be sold good and services. so the first thing you should do is be social!! start with creating post that are going to spark conversations, the conversation can be geared around your product or service (i’ll use the green product example again)

Post#1 My bathroom cleaner gives off fumes,I have small children is this something i should be worried about?

Post#2 Green products will save the earth, is this true or just hype to get us to buy expensive products?

Use curiosity post to catch the imagination of potential customers

Post#1 Take a picture of you using a perticular product without showing the name of it and say for the past six months since i changed products i no longer (insert problem that your product solves)

Post#2 I remember when i use to suffer from shortness of breath I changed this one thing in my house and now i no longer have that issue.

When using social media you want to build yourself up as someone who is trustfull and can be counted on for good information remember people buy from who they




You want to become the go to person on social media for whatever it is your product or service solves. you can learn social media marketing from the pro’s

Finding customers using paid ads


Don’t wast your money! get educated on how to do paid ads before ever spending one dime trust me on this one.

when i first got started in marketing i use to boost post on facebook without knowing who my target avatar was and i just through money away because i had no idea what i was doing i spent hundreds of dollars and got nothing in return.

Your not going to have that problem because i already showed you how to figure out your customer avatar all you have to do now is decide how much you are welling to invest in tools and learning copywriting. The tools you need are the ones that let you know what your compitition is doing, learn about the tools here If your like me your going to be doing a lot of facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads are nice but i believe the easiest to master is facebook ads.

Get your facebook ads training

You now have everything you need at your finger tips to help you with how to find the perfect customer.




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