How hard is it to make money online is the topic of this blog post? Many people have been online for a while now and when i say a while, I mean years and have not made a dime! Even though there is numerous ways to make money online for some reason most people can’t crack the code. So I decided to rank the level of difficulty to make money in the different online programs, affiliate marketing, network marketing, eCommerce, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest

Can you still make money in affiliate marketing?

Can you still make money through affiliate marketing? Some people who are new to the home business industry have heard rumors that it’s too late to make money as an affiliate marketer. Those rumors are false! Affiliate marketing is booming, probably greater than ever before! Why? A lot of companies are turning to the internet for sales because they understand that having an army of salesmen who are willing to promote their products, while only being compensated when a product is sold, is a goldmine for advertisement!

Becoming an affiliate of a company is pretty easy, in most cases. The first order of business is to choose a company to promote. Then, go to the company’s website and search for the link set up specifically for those who want to be affiliates of the company. Read over the rules, sign the agreement, and then decide which product you feel you can get behind to promote. Once you follow those few steps, you my friend are now in the affiliate program.

Again, can you still make money through affiliate marketing? Yes, you can and a bunch of it, if you put in the work creating ads and social media posts that target people who are in need of your particular product.

I rank the level of difficulty at 5 

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Choice number two

How to make money through network marketing

How can you make money through network marketing? Like with affiliate marking, you want to choose a company you believe in. It’s very important that you pick a company whose product you believe in or you won’t give it 100%. Next, make a list of 100 people you know. Yes, it’s an old-school method but it’s an effective method. You’re not trying to sell to those on the list but to inform them of what you’re currently doing. If you don’t tell them, how will they know? There may be someone on your list who is looking for an opportunity. You want to also learn how to connect with people on social media the right way so you don’t appear to be a spammer. In fact, get 9 red hot leads every day by doing this. Learning how to connect on social media will help you a great deal. Learn how to make money through network marketing using this skill. Go for yes. I believe this skill will change the way network marketers recruit forever. Finally, you don’t want to become addicted to the outcome. If they like you and the product solves a problem they’re having, they will buy it or join your opportunity.

I rank the level of difficulty at 7

How to make money with eCommerce

What is eCommerce and how do you make money? Ecommerce refers to the purchases of products or services over the internet. 40 % of all internet users have made an online purchase which equals almost 1.5 trillion dollars a year. Ecommerce has four categories:

1. Business to Consumer or B2C – ex: Buying a new shirt from Target

2. Consumer to Consumer or C2C – ex: Goods being  sold between consumers through internet marketplaces like Facebook or online classified ads

3. Consumer to Business or C2B – ex: Like eBay and Gumtree, a consumer providing a product or service to a business

4. Business To Business or B2B – ex:  A company like Orkin Pest Control sells a rodent and spider control service to Walmart

How can you make money with e-commerce? One way to make money is to start an online store like Shopify or to sell some products on Facebook Marketplace. Find out what’s popular items or the hot and trending purchases from a wholesaler and market those to your targeted audience.

I rank the level of difficulty 3

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