Specialized Knowledge For Home Business Owners


Specialized Knowledge! Having specialized knowledge will separate you from the rest of the pack.


Before we answer that question, let’s first define general knowledge. General knowledge is knowledge about many different things. So, if general knowledge deals with different subjects, then specialized knowledge isĀ in-depth knowledge of one particular subject. A perfect example are doctors. We have general practitioners versus specialists. When you go to your primary doctor, you get an overall physical check-up. For instance, they use their little flashlight to look in your ears and check your eyes. They just do an overall physical exam because they only have general knowledge of health and wellness. However,Ā when they use theirĀ stethoscopeĀ to listen to your heart they know enough to recognize if something is wrong . If they don’t like what they hear, they refer you to a specialist. In this case, it would be a cardiologist who has specialized knowledge of the heart. If you’ve ever visited a specialist, then you know it costs more than just the general physician.

Like in the medical field, in the home business industry there are people who have general knowledge and others who have specialized knowledge.


Prospecting and Recruiting –Ā Out the gate, we have prospecting and recruiting. These are two of the most powerful skills you have to learn in the home business industry.Ā You can only do so much by yourself, and duplication is what it’s going to take to grow your business.Ā  So, you have to learn how to leverage. I don’t care what it is. No matter what product or service you’re selling from home, you have to learn how to leverage it. For example, you can create a video and leverage that video by spending a couple of dollars a day to get it viewed by as many people as possible. You may also share that same video to different social media platforms. However you do it, you want to be able to create duplication.

Social media – There are different types of social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. To be succssful on social media, you have to decide what type of specialized knowledge you need or want. For instance, you may want to build and run a Facebook group. Perhaps you want to create and run ads. You can run ads on more than one platform like Facebook, Google and YouTube. Maybe you want to specialize in creating reels, stories and videos, as well as, video editing. If you ever watch my Facebook and YouTube videos, then you’ll notice that I don’t edit any of them. I should, but I don’t. Why? I don’t have any desire to. I prefer to pay someone else to do it for me. Now, whether you learn how to edit videos or pay someone else to, it is up to you. If you don’t want to pay the extra money, then IĀ suggest learning that skill yourself.Ā Ā Although I don’t edit my videos, if I needed a video edited, I would look for someone who has that special knowledge and pay them! If you happened to be the person with the specialized knowledge in video editing, I would pay you! The same thing goes with social media ads. If you learn the skill and become really good at it, you will have specialized knowledge in that area. Everybody doesn’t know how to create effective campaigns for a Facebook or Google ad. Therefore, they would pay someone like you to get the job done!

Copywriting and Storytelling – Do you enjoy writing? If so, you can become a copywriter. There are some people who avoid writing like the plague! They hated it in school, and they hate it now. But, that’s okay because they can just hire you. Maybe you’re skillful at storytelling. Most people who like to talk tend to be good storytellers. If you have the gift of gab, then you can also tell stories. You just have to learn how to tailor it to your home business. Anyone who masters copywriting and storytelling, will never be without work. Never! These are two powerful skills that can feed you and your family for a long time.

Other skills that can be used by the home business owner include blogging, content creating, web designing, building funnels and selling pages,Ā building an email list, manipulating algorithmsĀ in social media, and finding key words that rank on Google. If you’ve been in the home business industry for any amount of time, then you know how important it is to get your content, like your blogs, to rank, especially on Google. And, let’s be crystal clear about this! You only own two things online: your blog and your email list. That’s it! So, learning how to grow an email list is definitely a skill you want to learn.

Another skill that every home business owner needs is being able to close the deal. In order for that to happen you have to do something that I believe most people don’t really want to do. COMMUNICATE! The idea of having to communicate scares the crap out of people. IĀ know it scares the crap out of me! But IĀ also know it’s a powerful tool. So, if it means forcing myself to pick up the phone, then I will because I want to close that deal!


In order to be successful in the home business industry, special knowledge and skills are needed.Ā Ā If you’re new to the home business industry or even if you’re seasoned, I recommend picking one of those skills and focusing on it. Once you master that skill, pick up a new skill and master that, as well. If you stick to the process, you will have success in the home business industry. That’s my promise to you.





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