Before a child learns how to read, they first learn how to listen while somone tells them a story, like a parent, a babysitter, a teacher or a character on Sesame Street. When that same child learns how to read, they first learn how to read stories. The beauty of a story is that it helps draw the reader in. When I was a little boy, I fell in love with comic books because I could lose myself in the stories. I imagined that I too was a super hero which led to my fascination with lifitng weights. I wanted to be and look like my favorite super heroes The Mighty Thor and Iron Man. That’s the kind of effect reading the stories in my comic books had on me.

As a home busiiness owner, you too can have the same effect on potential clients, as well as other home business owners, by telling your story. What do I mean by your story? Your testimony! It reminds me of when I was a little boy going to church every Sunday. During service, different people would stand up in church to give their testimony. In other words, they would share their stories.

Your story can help someone else

Again, your story is your testimony. The purpose of a testimony is to help someone else. In the court of law, a testimony is used to help prove or bring out the truth and to help determine whether or not the defendant is guilty. In church, to testify is to share your story of how God has been good to you. The purpose of sharing a testimony is to encourage or help someone else who may be going through something difficult. By sharing your testimony or story you are letting others know that there is hope for them too.

As a home business owner, when you share your story with a potential home business owner, you can inspire them to step out on faith and take a chance on starting their own home business. Your story let’s them know that if you can do it, so can they. Your story will also give them ideas on how to go about starting their business.

Your story can h
elp the audience feel connected to you

By sharing your story with others it reminds them that you are human just like they are. If you can have a successful business, so can they. I’ve also learned that people buy from people they like and trust. By sharing your story, you’re inviting them into your world. You’re inviting them into your personal space through your words. You’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable. You’re sharing information with them that helps them relate to you. When people relate to each other they grow to like each other and eventually trust each other. People again are more inclined to buy from people they like and trust and feel connected to.

Your story demonstrates why your product or service is needed 

Through storytelling you’re able to demonstrate and explain why your product or service is necessary and how it will benefit the customer or client, much like a TV commercial. A TV commercial tells the viewer a story of why they should buy their product. For example, a Bounty commercial tells a story or demonstrates on the TV screen why Bounty paper towels are the best for quickly absorbing liquids. According to the story, one Bounty paper towel goes a long way.

What are the best ways to get your story to the people

1. Social media – You can share your story on Facebook or Instagram through words and/or pictures. You can also share your story through videos via Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

2. Email – You can share your story with those in your email list. The beauty of an email list is that the recipients can hear from you as often as you want. The greater the communication, the greater the connection. The greater the connection, the greater the trust. The greater the trust, the greater the success.

3. T.V & Radio – You can share your story through radio and television commercials which can be heard and viewed by millions every day.

Again, share your story! Be willing to be vulnerable in order to help someone else. And watch your sales and profits go up!

I believe you are reading this post because you are ready to make a difference in someones life with your product or service. Sharing your story is possibly the thing that will move your prospect into action but you have to know how to use your words to do that. Learn here

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