Today I’m going to be talking about small home business ideas that can possibly make you some extra cash. With what’s going on in the world in 2020 having a side hustle can come in handy especially for the people who have been laid off and don’t see a regular job anywhere insight.

Can I really make money from home?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question, can I really make money at home? And the answer is but of course you can all you have to do is have a service or opportunity that people want. I know I made that sound easy but the truth is it’s not that difficult once you learn the rules the do’s and don’ts of marketing

Lets start with the do’s of marketing small home business ideas

  • Make sure it’s a needed service or product
  • Make sure it’s something you believe in (preferably something you use)
  • Find out will you have to store products at your home
  • If it’s network marketing are their rules to how you can promote on social media
  • Create a compelling story for your product or service
  • have a capture page and email responder get that here

The don’ts of marketing small home business ideas

  • Refuse to set a promotion budget (a quick way to go broke)
  • Try to compete with the guru’s you follow on social media
  • Shove your product, service, or opportunity down your friends & family throat
  • Listen to people who have never done what you are trying to do
  • Don’t take the time to learn to prospect and recruiting
  • Believe sales is the devil (you don’t sell you make any money)


1. Home Daycare Provider – If your a stay at home mom and like working with kids this could be a very rewarding carrier. Great people to take care of our children is in high demand, think about it if you like teaching and cooking you can do it from the comfort of your home.

2. Vintage Clothing Reseller – eBay, Easy these are great platforms to sell vintage clothes on. How fun would it be to gather clothes from friends and family that they were going to get rid of anyway? You would be the hero for a lot of men who think their wives have too many clothes and wasting closet space and sometimes basement and garage space… my wife low.

3. Wedding Planner – You would be the one who was responsible for creating one of the biggest memorable days in a couple marriage. Help pick out the venue show the bride different color scheme, help the couple stay within their budget. Some couples might ask you to help with the honey moon plans.

4. Birthday Clown – Kids love to see the clown show up at the birthday party it always seems to be a big hit. The best thing about it you can get your own kids in on the act they can dress up as super heroes, beautiful princess and paired. The whole family can join in on the fun and opportunity to make some extra cash.

5. Dance Teacher – Do you like to boogie down? well this is a chance for you to use your cool moves to make a little money or maybe a lot of money. The back yard or the basement could be transformed into your dance studio. Can you say dance fever? LOL.

6. Create Custom Jewelry – People love to stand out and no better way to do that then a beautiful piece of custom jewelry. Some people like to take their jewelry to fancy shows where people gather just to buy custom jewelry or showcase their art online.

7. Hair Stylist – I know a little about this, my mom was a Hair Stylist and so is my daughter. Mom used to have her little shop in the basement where her customers (I thought they were her friends the way they laughed and talked) would get their hair done. My daughter turned my kitchen into her salon for a couple years.

8. Dog Groomer – Man’s best friend wants to look good too and that a service you can do at home. Some people are looking for groomers who are Mobil. You can drive to where the dog lives, a service like that could be quite fun and financially rewarding.

9. Photographer – Who doesn’t like to have their picture taken? you can make a small fortune taking prom pictures, wedding pictures, taking pictures at events. The best part of this is you can get started for under $250 bucks go to amazon buy a used Camry and you are off to making money as a photographer.

10. Personal Chef – Picture this you prepare a 4 course meal for your customer they come to your house to pick it up. How about you cook high end expensive meals at your customer house for a premium price. Maybe you teach a class on zoom once a week on how to prepare specialty meals.

Will small home business ideas last

The home business industry is doing pretty well from people creating services online to the house keeper. The person who is going to succeed in the home business industry is the person who is creative and not afraid to fail multiple times. The person who understand that you can’t fail unless you quit will always be successful in the end.

If you are going to win and you can, you must first make a decision that I will learn all I can about the process of growing a small home business. your willingness to learn marketing, sells, copy-writing and being coachable will determine how well you do. My suggestion to you is to find someone who is already doing what you want to do and ask them to mentor you.

My gift to you for reading the whole blog post

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