How to work from home in the internet business

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you how to work from home in the internet business. I will show you five ways to earn money from home that you can start with very little money or experience and you can start today

How to work from home in the internet business

The first thing you have to do is make a decision on who you want to serve and once you made that decision next thing is what problem are you going to solve ask yourself what are their challenges and pains? How does my product or service solve this problem my target audience has? where do I find my target audience, where do they hang out? what blogs do they read, do they read books, and if they do what books would they read? do they have children how old are their kids are they single parents or married couples? what type of job do they have white-collar or blue-collar? I highly recommend you take the time and go over these questions it will help you to better understand how you can help your prospect. The next thing you have to do is pick a niche, here are five potential things you can do at home on the internet

1. Sell your stuff

2. Freelancing/ virtual assistant

3.Ecommerce store

4. Affiliate marketing

5. Network marketing

Let’s go into detail about these five ways you can make money from the comfort of your home

Sell your stuff online free

Selling your stuff online free of charge is possible and a smart way to do it. The Facebook marketplace is a great place to start selling your personal stuff you no longer want or need. The Facebook marketplace is also a great place to find good deals on things like furniture, cars, and trucks, RV’s electronics you name it, I’m sure you can find it in the marketplace. The way it’s set up you can search for name brands you can set your price limit they have local groups that you can join it’s a wonderful way to buy and sell for private owners.

eBay is another good place to sell your stuff, all you have to do is take a picture of what you want to sell with an all-white back ground upload it to your eBay account wait for someone to purchase. If, want to sell on eBay

There is also the old-school way to sell your stuff, sell it at the flea market or have a garage sale. The problem with that is you have to set up tables in your garage and driveway and who wants to do that every day? Let’s look at the pro’s & con’s


  • You could get cash extremely fast
  • You could get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t want
  • You don’t need any technical experience


  • You have to ship products yourself, or meet people in a parking lot, have them come to your home.
  • You’re going to run out of stuff to sell
  • Not a long-term sustainable option, unless you plan to keep buying stuff to sell.

What is ecommerce websites

E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet.

To date, over 40 % of all Internet users have made an online purchase spending almost 1.5 trillion dollars a year in commerce is split into four categories.

Business-To-Consumer (b2c) is what most people think of when they hear e-commerce. Remember when you bought that new t-shirt from Amazon, that was you participating in (b2c) e-commerce consumer to consumer (c2c) is when goods are sold between consumers through internet marketplaces or online classified ads.

eBay and Gumtree are prime examples of consumer-to-business. (C2B) involves you as a consumer, providing a product or service to an organization.

Business-To-Business (b2b), where business is conducted between two companies.

The playing field has been leveled, anybody can create an eCommerce store Thanks to platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, and Wix. Amazon, (FBA = fulfillment by amazon) is a great way to start a store, let them handle all the hard work of storing and shipping. The most popular, and easiest for the new online eCommerce store owner is Shopify.


  • You can get started for less than $100 bucks.
  • You don’t need any experience. (learn as you go)
  • You can sell to a worldwide market.
  • Your store is open 24/7. (even when you are sleeping)
  • You can work your store from home.


  • Competition is fierce
  • Steep learning curve to marketing your product
  • You have to deal with unhappy customers
  • You have to deal with shipping if you don’t use FBA
  • Potentially low profits on purchases

Best affiliate marketing program

the first thing we need to do is go ahead and find a niche and then, within that niche find a product now the way these works is these products are made by other people and we get a commission by selling that, on their behalf.

The second thing you do is set up your platforms, so, whether you’re setting up a blog or a YouTube channel, you’ll need some way to actually sell and advertise that product. Third thing: is: you need to develop some killer content, now That could be a video or could be some kind of blog post.

It could be some social media posts, all sorts of different ways that you can develop content, but it’s, really crucial that you get used to being able to develop unique and very good content. Learn how here

Now The fourth thing is, you need to be able to drive traffic, that’s what’s going to get you a check. Here are the names of some popular affiliate networks

  1. Click Bank – mostly info products
  2. JVzoo – info products
  3. Rakuten Marketing – big brands and physical products
  4. Share-a-sale – mostly physical products
  5. Market health – physical health care products

My two choices to start affiliate marketing are both free, choice number 1 choice number 2


  1. Low start-up cost, sometimes nothing at all
  2. You don’t need any experience
  3. Sell to the worldwide market
  4. Open 24/7 always making money
  5. Opportunity to earn a huge income


  1. Huge competition
  2. You don’t own your customer base unless you create sales funnels
  3. Don’t know what strategy to start with (any of them will do)
  4. Competitors can still your links (possibly)

What is network marketing company

Multi-level marketing, pyramid selling, network marketing, are Companies that instead of hiring employees to sell their product they allow people to buy into their company as a rep. Once you are a representative of the company you can sell their products to earn a commission and offer other people the opportunity to become a rep for the company and earn yourself a commission on the sales they generate.

What I love about network marketing is the person-to-person sell, instead of the big advertising campaigns that only big companies can afford this allows the regular person the chance to use their personality and charm to sell products that they love to their friends and family. Most companies do auto-ship for their products so that create cash flow for the rep, and as your team grows so does your residual income.


  1. Low to moderate start-up cost
  2. A sponsor to support you
  3. Personal training & marketing system for success
  4. Work your own hours from home
  5. Big profits as your business grow


  • A lot of competition with other reps
  • Marketing learning curve
  • Most uplines don’t know marketing (you got me don’t worry)

Learn the right way to grow your network marketing home business

Virtual assistant & Freelancing

I bet there is something that you are really good at and love doing, did you know you can get paid for it? What do you like doing that other people need but might not have the time to do? this type of business has become very popular in the home business industry. A new marketer may not be able to afford an office and employees but can afford to pay someone to post on social media or write a blog post maybe even manage an ad account there are several possibilities here are a few

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

Those are just a few of the different jobs you can be hired for or hire someone to do. I used a virtual assistant for writing a blog post or editing my blog I’ve used a virtual assistant to create my logo and banner for my YouTube channel just about any job that needs to be done can be outsourced to a virtual assistant here are a couple of people I use to check them out

Vee kye Thompson 

Now you know how to work from home in the internet business get started to day!!!

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