The Fast Track To Becoming A Top Earner

How can you get on the fast track to becoming a top earner? The first thing you have to do is find out what it takes to be a top earner. How do you do that? Find one and watch what he or she does. Now getting a top earner to share with you the steps he or she has taken might not be as hard as you think. I find that most people, who have had some success, usually don’t mind explaining how they did it. However, many of those, who receive the information, are not willing to follow the process that will deliver the results. So, what is the number one step?


How do top earners prospect? Online or offline? If one is a top earner, you can pretty much guarantee he or she does both. Offline prospecting is the traditional way of doing it. You talk to as many people as possible, such as the gas station attendant, the waiter or waitress, your pastor, a co-worker, or your children’s teacher. You want to see if anyone you come in contact with is open to your offer. Ray Higdon said he would go for 20 nos every day! It didn’t matter if he got 20 people to say yes. He would not stop until he met 20 people who told him “No!” Could you imagine what your business would look like if you followed the same method? Yeah, you would be a top earner!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like talking to strangers in person. So, I’m probably not going to do well with offline prospecting. What about online prospecting? Should you go for 20 nos online? I say heck yea! Online you can reach more people a lot faster. You can also build relationships faster because people are able to get a glimpse into your life through your posts and videos. Before people will buy from you or join your business opportunity, three things have to happen:

1. They must know you.

2.They must like you.

3.They must trust you.

It’s close to impossible to meet the above criteria quickly offline. Even though I know some top earners who only build that way, I believe the fast track to becoming a top earner is by building your business online. My friend Brian spent three or four years building his business the traditional way. He would talk to people he met on the street or at the mall. He would even post signs on telephone poles. And you know what?  He was still broke! But luckily for Brian, he met a guy named Mike who was “killing it” in his home business.

When Brian asked Mike how he did it, Mike said, “Stop chasing people! Give value, and the people will chase you!”

“How do I do that?” Brian asked.

Mike explained, “Create ‘How To’ videos, post them on YouTube, and the people, who are looking for what you have, will find you!”

What Mike described is “Attraction Marketing”. If you want people, who are looking for what you have to offer, to find you, then you need to learn attraction marketing. Watch this free webinar and see the system I use.

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