Good question, right?

Want to know the answer? Most home business owners don’t understand they have to put on THE SHOW.

What is THE SHOW, you ask? THE SHOW is you, as the home business owner, using creativity in order to get the people’s attention. So, how do you get someone’s attention?

In the home business industry, a lot of business owners are now conducting video interviews, especially of other home business owners. I’ve even conducted a few interviews myself. As part of my creativity, I had to find a way to set myself apart from other interviewers within the industry. For instance, I like to place an extra video camera in the background to serve as a prop in order to create a more professional look. I must put on a show because I understand that my viewers have questions: Why should I give Mark Ward my time? Why should I give this Mark guy my money? And as the creator of MY SHOW, it is my job to convince them that I have exactly what they need.

Whatever your product or service is, people want to know why they should take a chance with YOU. Why should I try YOUR weight loss pills? What makes YOUR travel company different from the other 100 travel companies I’ve already heard about? In other words, what sets you apart from the many others? THE SHOW! In fact, YOU are the show!

In my particular travel business, there are 100,000 representatives besides myself. So, why would someone choose to sign up with me instead of one of the other reps? It’s something they personally like about ME. Basically, they like MY show. The show I create gives them a reason to travel with me.

Again, like many home business owners today, I have conducted a few interviews. However, in my interviews I’ve chosen to focus on the newbies–those who have only owned their home businesses for five years or less. Why? Most people who come into the home business industry don’t stay. If they don’t see any results, or at least the results they were promised, in the first 60-90 days, they quit! Unfortunately, what many of them fail to realize is there were no results because they had no training. For example, no one taught them about storytelling or the importance of learning lead generation. Without the necessary knowledge, they felt like failures. Therefore, I have designed my particular YouTube show in order to help inspire the newcomers.

But, that’s MY show. What’s YOUR show? Only you can answer that!

The idea of putting on a show may seem phony to some. But, is it really? Take my role as a professional exterminator. The chemicals I used in customers’ homes could have been sprayed throughout a particular room in five minutes. Yes! Five minutes is all it took to kill the insects! However, making a home visit and using those chemicals often cost as much as $190. So, if I only sprayed for five minutes and then charged $190, the customer might feel they were being ripped off. Therefore, in order to convince them that they were getting their money’s worth, I put on a show, like using a flashlight to carefully inspect dark corners and behind furniture in search of bugs.

Like my role as a professional exterminator, you have to give value if you want to be recognized as a professional home business owner. Giving value is critical. In other words, OVER-promise and UNDER-deliver EVERY time! When you perform THE SHOW for the people, you give them a reason to invest in YOU!


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