Home Parties Still Work

fb_img_1486660783886In the network marketing business, a home party is as old as a dinasour. My granny used to say “It’s an oldie but a goodie,” and yes, home parties are a goodie! Many people think that type of marketing went out with the 90’s. However, network marketing is a relationship industry. Inviting strangers into your home might be a little uncomfortable at first, but if you hold parties on a regular basis and become good at inviting, your business will grow faster.

What are some of the benifits of having home parties?

1. You are in your own environment (familiar setting).

2. Your friends will more likely feel comfortable coming to an event if it’s at your home.

3. It’s more personal. The guests who don’t know you can see how you live and how hospitable you are.

4. New people will see how easy it is to have business presentations in their own living rooms.

5. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to drive across town (my favorite).

The network marketing company I belong to encourages home parties. It’s a fun time when the team can get together and support each other. We also use this time for one-on-one one training. We talk about the challenges and pains that come with being a business owner. In addition, home parties allow us to learn from people who are having success. They teach which strategies to use and how to implement them.

The Home Party may be old, but it is still a very good tool to use. Again, network marketing is and will always be a relationship business. So, if you’re not already, now is the time for you and your team to have your own parties.

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