Your Business Is Making Money! Now What?

Your business is making money! Now what? There are three steps you need to take.

1. FUN. Have fun by purchasing some toys, like a car, house, boat, vacation, expensive art, spa day, sporting events. How does that sound to you? It sounds good to me, but only if the following rules apply:

a. Your mortgage is covered by what
you make in one week.

b. Your car is paid for in cash or
by your MLM company.

c. Your boat is bought with the
money you put in a special
“BOAT” account. If you can pay
$1,000 a month, you can save
$1,000.00 a month.

d. Save money to pay for the FUN.

2. INVEST. Invest in passive income and portfolio income. Anybody who has a job should take the earned income and buy portfolio and passive income as soon as possible. Passive income includes businesses, network marketing businesses, real estate, or any business that offers a service. Portfolio income includes stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and paper assets. I strongly suggest you go to your bank or to a professional who deals with investments everyday.

3. GIVE. The law of attraction states that you must give for what you want. In other words, you “reap what you sow”. Giving is the best part! Why? You will eventually get tired of material things like cars and homes. Investing is nice because you get to watch something, in which you put money and time, to grow. However, when you give to someone in need, there is no better feeling; at least for me it’s not. Only the strong can help the weak. Only the rich can give to the poor. If you have money, you can help people by GIVING jobs.

Your business is making money! NOW, you know what to do with it!

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