If You Are Serious About Your Business, Get a Coach

If you are serious about your business, get a coach. Why do I say that? A coach will help you work on the fundamental principles of your business, prospecting, and recruiting. A coach will hold you accountable for completing the task at hand. A good coach will create a game plan or instructions to guide you to where you want to be (IN PROFIT). Winning is the overall goal, right? If you are not making money, you’re losing. A coach will recognize the mistakes you are making and give you instructions to correct the problem.

Now when picking a coach, what should you look for? I believe you should look for the following criteria:

1. Someone who is knowledgeable about your particular business
2. Someone with whom you vibe
3. Someone who’s been coaching for a long time

MLSP leader Ryan McMorris says it’s important for a client to vibe with his or her coach. When I asked MLSP leader Ed Zimbardi what a person should look for in a potential coach, this is what he had to say:

“It depends on what results you’re looking to get. Where are you with your business now? Where do you want to be in the future with your business and personal development? Are you willing to submit to what a coach says? Or do you tend to filter information, tweak it to get the best results you believe you can get versus doing exactly what your coach says? What type of student are you?”

Wow! Was Zimbardi’s response powerful or what? It really made me think. What kind of student am I? I challenge you to ask yourself that same question. What kind of student are you, and are you coachable? If you are struggling in your business, I hope you make the decision to get a coach. Remember, you make the choice; then later on, the choice makes you! So choose to get a coach!

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