Hot Off the Press of Online Marketing

Guess what’s hot off the press of online marketing? You got it! Facebook Live! Facebook is king in social media. If you’re not using it to promote your business online, you are missing the social media boat. Facebook Live is a new tool that can help you with the know, like, and trust factor—consumers only buy from people or companies they know, like, and trust. Facebook is allowing Facebook Live users to reach a larger audience. Reaching a larger audience gives you the opportunity to spread the good news about who you are and what you stand for.

When you first log onto Facebook Live, it may take a couple minutes for Facebook to build you an audience. So during this time, you can make some sort of introduction. For example, you can share a little about yourself. You can also give announcements. In addition, you can give the topic and recap on something you talked about in a previous video. Again, it’s a good idea to include an introduction just to give Facebook a few minutes to notify potential viewers that you are now Live. During the introduction, I suggest that you inform those, who may not be present while you’re Live but will see the recording later, to fast forward a few minutes in case they’re ready to get to the meat of the topic.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your Facebook Live post:
1. Create a post informing your followers of what time you’re going Live.
2. If possible, go Live at the same time everyday.
3. Create a catchy title.
4. Allow your personality to shine and just have fun!

I know that some people may be afraid of doing Live videos, but don’t be! It can really help advance your online marketing and network marketing. So, face your fears, go Live and grow your business!


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