Are You Greedy, If You Want More?

Are you greedy, if you want more? Some people would say yes. However, I say no! A person who wants more is not greedy. He or she understands that the more you have, the more you can give. Those who would accuse you of being greedy have been taught that if an individual has a lot, he or she is selfish and doesn’t care about other people. They believe that having a lot of money is a sign that you have gotten over on poor people and tricked some good people out of their hard earned money. They simply believe that rich people are evil, with no good intentions.

Now, you and I know better. We know that, on average, wealthy people are good people. Most wealthy people actually help the economy by offering jobs and hiring those who work in the service industry. The rich give in abundance because they believe that the more people they feed, the more they eat. So, if you are a person who desires more, don’t worry about those who may judge you. You’re not being greedy. You just want to be in a position to help more people. And that, my friend, deserves a pat on the back!

Home based business opportunities like network marketing, may just be the tools to help you get MORE of what you desire, such as:

MORE money
MORE living space (bigger home)
MORE vehicle reliability (better car)
MORE family time
MORE vacations
MORE funds and resources to give to those in need

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