Does Getting To The Next Level Take Leverage?

20160521_225943~2Does getting to the next level take leverage? You bet it does! All great marketers use leverage. In fact, in network marketing, you can’t go up in ranking without building a team. It’s part of the process.

What is leverage? In the business world, leverage is a tool designed to assist you by allowing you to duplicate your efforts without doing the work. Several years ago, I worked as a waiter at the Kenwood Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the members of the club was a gentleman by the  name of Carl Lender, a local business man who was well-known around the country. I had been waiting weeks to get my chance to serve Mr. Lender. Every day I would contemplate what I was going to say to him. Mr. Lender was living the life I wanted!

I can’t remember the exact day, but I’m sure it was around 6:00 or 6:30 PM when Mr. Lender ordered a chicken quesadilla. I set his meal down in front of him and walked away. Once I got back to the kitchen, I told myself, “This is it! My big chance to find out how to make big money!” I returned to Mr. Lender’s table, interrupted his meal and asked, “How can I get rich?” He put his fork and knife down, looked me square in the eyes, and said, “Duplicate your hours Mark.” He picked up his fork and knife and went right back to eating. I walked away disappointed because I was already working 60 hours a week! How could I duplicate that?!! I thought he was just being mean.

It took me a few years to realize what Mr. Lender was really suggesting. For instance, although this well-known entrepreneur started with one ice cream store, he continued opening stores around the city and eventually around the country. Therefore, he duplicated (leveraged) his hours. As network marketers, you must do the same. Teach your new members to do exactly what you do. In other words, duplicate or leverage your hours!

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