The Right Choice = Good. The Wrong Choice = Bad

We all have the ability to choose—making the right choice = GOOD, making the wrong choice = BAD. Yes, it’s really that simple to assure your destiny, be it good or bad, by what decision YOU make. There are 7 decisions to personal success which I learned from Andy Andrews.

1. The Responsible Decision: Stop blaming other people for where you are right now in life.  Accept the fact that you are in control of the outcome. Ask yourself, “Did I do what needed to be done?”

2. The Guided Decision: Seek knowledge from people, books, a higher power, etc. Take what you learn and use wisdom when applying the knowledge.

3. The Active Decision: Taking consistent action is the magic ingredient of success. People who are very successful are usually huge action takers. Big action equals big results!

4. The Certain Decision: When you have a made up mind and a decided heart, your destiny is assured. There is nothing a person can’t do if they believe in their heart and mind that they can.

5. The Joyful Decision: Do you choose to be happy? If you’re not happy, it’s because you choose not to be. Life circumstances do not control your happiness.

6. The Compassionate Decision: This decision can heal your heart, mind, and soul. Harboring anger and resentment poisons our minds and hinders our ability to live the other six decisions with any measure of effectiveness.

7. The Persistent Decision: Persisting without exception is key to achieving extraordinary levels of success in any area of life.

As a network marketer, everyday I have to make a decision to push forward regardless of what other people think about the network marketing profession. I DECIDED to join an MLM.  I DECIDED to market that MLM online. I DECIDED to prospect 20 people a day. I DECIDED I would not quit. Just like the decision was MINE, the decision is YOURS!

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