Leads Are the Lifeline


One day while having a conversation with a friend of mine, the topic of leads came up. I explained to him how important leads are to one’s business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a home business owner, leads are the lifeline to your business!


The best and quickest way to get leads is to give away something for free! Free?!! Yes, FREE!!! I know your goal is to make money, but you first have to get the potential buyer’s attention. I suggest offering something that is flashy and eye-catching. For instance,  I am a fan of “Billy Gene Is Marketing”! Billy Gene creates some of the greatest ads I’ve ever seen.  His ads are so well-thought out and exciting that they can capture anyone’s attention. He then offers something valuable, like a training on how to create an incredible ad. So, it’s no surprise when those same people, who take notice of his ads, willingly provide their email addresses.


The purpose of an online ad is to gather email addresses for your email list. With an email list, you are able to provide, daily, more offers and other business-related information.


Although you can promote your business on social media sites like Facebook, most people aren’t looking to buy anything on Facebook. Instead, they use the popular site for entertainment, to meet people, and to get the latest news.

Don’t get me wrong! If you post an ad on Facebook that’s eye-catching, Facebookers will stop and take a peek, especially if it sparks their interests. And that’s the whole goal—–to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. Again, let’s take “Billy Gene Is Marketing,” for example. Since I personally am interested in marketing, if I were to come across one of Billy Gene’s ads, I would check it out, and if I want his free offer, I would provide my email address.

Like Billy Gene, you want to find people who will respond to your ads. You’re seeking those who are interested in what you have to offer. You’re looking for those who are looking for you.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Email is dead!” Excuse my French, but that’s a crock of crap! Emails are far from being dead, especially in the world of online marketing! Therefore, it’s important that you focus on building your email list.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can go away in an instance! Why? You don’t own them! (Remember MySpace? Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t.) If Facebook doesn’t like what you’re posting, they have the liberty of removing your post and even closing your account, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Your email list, as well as your blog, are the only sites you own online.


Your best use of social media, when it comes to promoting your business, is to post an ad on your page for the purpose of attracting those who are interested in your opportunity or service. Once you get their attention, you then want to move them to your email list, where you may better serve them.

Getting leads is not a new concept and it will never get old. It’s what we online marketers like to call “Attraction Marketing”. In other words, you want to attract to you the people who are interested in what you have to offer.  For instance, if you want to learn some online marketing tips or receive some free tools, then you would to come to me because you know I’m going to provide you with what you’re looking for. And what would you give me in exchange? That’s right! Your email address!


Why would I want your email address? My ultimate goal is to sell you something that will benefit you and make me money! That’s how it works! And it’ll work for you too, IF you work it!

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