Practice Makes Perfect


Want to be good? Practice! Practice makes perfect! Just like the elite athlete, to be an elite marketer you have to perfect your skills. The athlete has to study the playbook, so he can execute the game plan. The online marketer has his or her own game plan, also. What is the online marketer’s game plan, you ask?

1. To get people to know, like, and trust him or her.
2. To become masterful at prospecting.
3. To become masterful at generating leads.
4. To become masterful at connecting with people.
5. To become a great leader.
6. To learn how to peak interests.
7. To know when to close a prospect.
8. To know when to walk away from a prospect.
9. To build and train a team.

If you are to become great at anything, you have to practice. In basketball, a shooter will take a hundred shots a day. What would happen if a marketer prospected a hundred people a day? A ball player may run five wind sprints, while a marketer writes five blogs. Just like the ball player hits the weight room three days a week, the marketer can create three videos a week.

If you want to get better at something, remember that practice makes perfect. So, click the link below and start practicing!

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