The other day, a buddy of mine told me that he’s been thinking about starting a blog on fast cars. He then asked, “Do I start free blog?” I told him, “Yes you should, especially if you are new to blogging.”

When starting a blog, you want to become good at writing. My friend is not the best writer or speaker. “Do I start a free blog?” is not the proper way to ask that question. Now, I’m not an English teacher, but I even knew that he should have said, “SHOULD I start A free blog?” And if I’m wrong, you’ll never know about it because before I publish any new blog posts, I always have my editor check them. I suggest you use her service, as well. You can contact her at

Becoming a good writer takes time and effort, but any new skill we learn comes with challenges. So, are you willing to do the work to become a better writer? Are you willing to study the work of other writers? Studying people who are already doing what you want to do will help you grow as a writer. Reading the work of other writers, like how they format and structure their sentences, can help you form your own identity as a writer. When you pay close attention, you’ll notice how the words on the page will lead the reader down a path into the writer’s mind. The ability to move people with your words is a powerful skill.


It is also important to work on becoming a good speaker. What does speaking have to do with blogging? EVERYTHING! The reason I say that is that you want to have your own identity as a writer and speaker. In fact, you should write the way you talk. The better speaker you are the better writer you become, and that works both ways. Now, you will have to know how to use punctuation and spell words correctly because some words sound alike but have different meanings. One example is too, to, and two.

Being a good speaker will give you confidence that what you have written is good. When you hear yourself, and it sounds good to you, it makes you excited to put it on paper or “digital” paper (lol). One of the things my editor taught me to do is to read my writing out loud, and it has helped me tremendously. Reading out loud can be a huge benefit to you. You get to hear yourself. You learn when there should be a pause, like a comma or period.


How do you pick a blogging platform? This can be a tough choice with a lot of different blogging platforms out there. So, how do you pick the one that’s best for you? Now, remember, this is for my friend who’s thinking about creating a blog on fast cars. Since he’s new to blogging, I recommend platforms that are user-friendly to the beginner. I think it would be best if the platform was easy to set up and has low learning curves and no coding skills.

With the help of Google, here are my blogging platform suggestions:

WordPress .org – The world’s most popular blogging software, it powers more than 30% of all websites on the internet. – Most beginners start here. It’s free and easy to use.

Blogger – It’s one of the earliest blogging platforms in existence owned by Google.

Medium – You can focus solely on writing and don’t have to worry about designing a website.

Wix – You can build your site with drag and drop tools with easy setup.

Ghost – It’s clean, clutter-free, and written in Javascript, so it’s super fast.

Constant Contact Website Builder – This allows you to create a free blog, business website, and an online store in minutes.

You can get more information on these particular blogging platforms by going to their websites or Goggle. I believe you can use just about any of these blogging platforms and have success. But, I prefer the one that gives me specific training on what I do–Affiliate Marketing. Check it out!


How do you pick a niche? Before you start blogging you have to decide what you want to talk about. Are you going to sell something? Is your blog just going to focus on a particular subject? Do you want to monetize your blog? The first thing you should probably do is figure out what your passion is and what skills you have. Now once you decide what niche you’re going to be in, then what? Ask yourself, “Is there a market for this niche? Let me check out the competition. Can I deliver a better product or service? Can I make money doing this niche?”

Identify your passions – What lights you up? What can you talk about all day every day?

Identify the problems you’re going to solve – Solve people’s problems, and they will buy from you.

Spy on the competition – Know what they are doing so you can do it better or cheaper.

Profit – How much money do you have to invest and what is the return if you make a sale?

Test – Before you go all in, test the market to see where you need to improve and what you are doing right.

There is no perfect way to pick a niche, so don’t overthink it and find yourself doing nothing. Make a decision and go with it. The last thing you want to do is find yourself stuck because you can’t make up your mind and figure out what to sell.


Don’t deviate away from the training. Follow the instructions step by step. Plunge deep into the course with the expectation of being totally successful at building a beautiful, profitable blog. When you follow the steps there will be no doubt in your mind. If the question comes up, “Can I have success?” The answer is, “Yes I can,” because of the detailed easy to follow training. Anyone with the desire to blog can get started in minutes owning their own little piece of real-estate online.


Should I start a free blog? Can I have success? YES!

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