You Just Graduated


You just graduated! Now what? It’s time to enter the real world and join the workforce. However, you don’t want to be like your parents. Your father worked sixty to eighty hours a week, including two full time jobs and sometimes a third part time job on the weekend. He’s a great father, but you didn’t see a lot of him growing up because he was working all the time. Although he didn’t make many baseball, football and basketball games, he never forgot to tell you how proud he was of you. Your mom, as well, had to work forty hours a week and then come home and cook for the family.

You took a look at your parents’ lives and knew right away that you didnt want a job! You wanted a business! But what kind of business could you start straight out of college with no experience and little to no money? Is that even possible? Yes, it’s possible in the home business and network marketing industries. Most opportunities require a small down payment and offer training and tools to help you get started on the right track.

There are a few things someone new to the industry needs to know:
1. It’s not get rich quick; but it is possible to get rich if you put in the work.
2. Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it.
3. Most people will not join your opportunity, so focus on the ones who do by getting them the necessary training.

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