I need a mentor because I want to get better. Better at what, you ask? I want to get better at my chosen profession or in the field. Better yet, I NEED to get better! And speaking of getting better, I need someone who is already better than I am. Not only should they already be better, but I want a mentor who is a pro—an expert! In other words, I need a mentor who is able to pour much knowledge and wisdom into me. I recognize that there are certain things I haven’t experienced yet concerning my chosen profession. But that’s okay! Once I connect with the right mentor, they can share their experiences with me. Having a mentor gives me a mind that I can ask questions, who will send me in the right direction to help me get to the place I want to be. My mentor can help me with planning, budgeting, marketing, all the things I need to be successful in business. I didn’t mention I need a mentor to help with keeping business time and my social time at a perfect or close to perfect balance. I was very pleased that the mentors I had done a very good job of sharing their blueprint for success with me you can check it out here


My first duty as the mentee is to make sure I’m eager to learn. Make sure as my mentor is teaching that I’m paying close attention and be willing to follow instructions so that my mentor knows that I’m a team player and a good student. A good mentee is going to show patience, just because I didn’t pick it up the first time doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Everyone learns at a different pace, the mentee must know that and be willing to go over the lesson the mentor is teaching over and over until they get it. Taking a risk on something new can be scary but you won’t know if what your mentor is trying to teach you works unless you try it. Learning to trust a process that you are not familiar with takes a lot of courage. Once I learn something new, it’s my duty to teach it to somebody else. As my mentor pours into me, I pour that same knowledge and wisdom into another, including those experiences I haven’t necessarily experienced myself. Again, it’s my duty! And as I mentor, I strongly encourage my mentee to pay it forward. That’s how we keep the blessings flowing!


Some people feel like they don’t need a mentor. Why? Well, as far as they’re concerned, they already know everything they need to know. The truth is you don’t know what you don’t know until you know. Get it?!! In other words, the human mind ALWAYS has room for more knowledge. It’s a dangerous place to be in when you think you’ve arrived and know it all, or even when you think you’re incapable of learning more! Such thinking keeps you limited. However, personally speaking, there’s more knowledge out there for me to obtain. I believe everyone should have a mentor it doesn’t matter how old you are at any age a person can benefit from having a mentor. The great Oprah Winfrey stated that her childhood teacher Mrs. Duncan mentored and encouraged her to embrace her intelligence and love learning, she gives her former teacher credit for a large part of her success today. As I learn, I’m passing on the wisdom to a willing student. Do you believe you have room to learn more? I certainly hope so!


What I’ve come to realize about mentoring is working with a mentor is not permanent. You can have different mentors for different seasons of your life and/or career. For instance, I had a certain pastor who mentored me for a year or so. Why did the mentoring end after only a year? That season was over, and it was time to move on. As an online marketer, I have several mentors who also work in online marketing. I even have a six-figure earner who is mentoring me right now! Why do I need this particular mentor? It’s simple! He’s already done it! In other words, I have certain goals I want to accomplish, and he has already arrived to the place I’m trying to get to! So, I am allowing him to pour all the knowledge he is willingly pouring into me. I have heard people say three months is long enough or six months will do the trick but the truth is you should be mentored until you get the desired result you are looking for. I realize being mentored is a journey, so you should stay on the journey until the mission is complete.


Mentoring or being the mentee can come with a price that’s more than money. Sometimes we run into situations that require for us to give up some things that we are accustomed to doing you may have to go to bed earlier you might have to start reading more books. It’s very possible the mentor and the mentee might not agree on everything, do you just walk away after all the work you put in? It’s more than just money one stands to gain or lose its time and a person’s reputation, I thought you should hear that before you decided to become a mentor or have someone mentor you. Whatever it is you want to do in life, just do it! Start by making the decision to learn everything you need to know about your chosen to field. So, find that mentor! Find that person who is already doing what you want to do and connect with them. For some to mentor you, you may have to pay them. If that’s the case, then pay the price! In the long run, it’s worth the sacrifice, if it means finally living the life you have always imagined!

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