When Your Friends and Family Say No

What do you do when your friends and family say no to your business opportunity?

1) Do you cry and try to guilt them into joining your business opportunity or buying your products?

2) Do you threaten to never call or visit them again?

3) Do you thank them for taking time out of their busy day to watch your business opportunity presentation?

I’m hoping that you choose number 3. You would be surprised how many people choose 1 or 2. Why would someone take a negative approach? As humans, it’s important for us to feel loved. So, when our friends and family reject our business opportunity we take it as if they are rejecting us. However, a smart business person should take a more positive approach. Just because some family and friends may not want to take advantage of your business opportunity, doesn’t mean that they won’t still lend their support by telling others. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you remain positive in case the very ones who turned you down, change their minds later. Besides, nobody likes to feel pressured.

I have a friend who was able to win a free BMW from his network marketing company. According to him, 90% of the people who joined his business opportunity were referrals from his family and friends. Imagine if every relative and friend you know gave one referral. How greatly would that impact your business?wardfun.getmlspmastery.com

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  1. Matt

    Great tips. You should always try to get a referral instead of getting mad at your family.

  2. Kimberly Alleyne

    That’s funny cry and guilt them lol, never that! Yes and no one likes to feel pressured. Thanks for sharing Mark!

  3. Lyndon Britt

    Man a huge lesson I had to learn. I didn’t verbally tell them I wouldn’t talk to them, but I wouldn’t speak to them for a while because I was upset. This was my reaction when I first began marketing. This is a lesson that just about all the marketers have to learn. It’s that just because no it was stated in the forefront doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen in the end. I’ve had personal experiences with people who came back and end up joining me later on. That included my mother. Future blog. “No” becomes an acronym that drives you to success. Truth spoken. Keep it coming Mark.

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