A Few Things You Want To Know


In marketing there are a few things you want to know. To crush it in your niche, know who you want to attract in your marketing and create free content in your niche. Never be addicted to the outcome. For instance, do not worry if they say yes or no. Just get your content in front of them.

Learn how to generate leads and have people reach out to you by creating content that attracts them. You want an ELF business (E- easy, L- lucrative, F- fun), anything that you can do that is fun for you and makes money. For example, you can give a clinic or create a course or a memorable experience for your target market.

When building your team, don’t spend a lot of time personally teaching new recruits. Why do I say that? They will think that’s what they have to do, and if they don’t know a lot, they will be afraid to recruit. Now, I’m not telling you not to talk to them. What I am telling you is to direct them to tools. It’s all about duplication. If they have videos and recordings to listen to, that’s what they will teach their new recruits to do, as well.

Furthermore, you need to know that in the online space the only things you own are your blog and your email list. Therefore, you need to know how to make serious money with your blog, and this is how you do it. CLICK THE LINK


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