NO Can Be Good!

Is it possible that the word NO can be good?

When a child tries to touch a flame on the stove, mom or dad must tell that child, “NO! Don’t touch! It will burn you!” If you are trying to lose weight, you have to tell yourself NO to pizza, hamburgers, soda, etc. If you’re studying for an exam, you might have to say NO to going out with friends or watching television. So you see, NO can be good!

Marketing legend Ray Higdon said he would go for twenty people telling him NO everyday. Do you know what not being afraid to have people tell him NO did for his business? It helped him earn forty thousand dollars in one month! How is that possible, you ask? Higdon recognized that out of every twenty NOs, there was a YES! Now that doesn’t mean that you and I will make $40,000 in a month, but I bet if we stop being afraid to hear NO, we will encounter a YES, ultimately causing our business to grow by leaps and bounds! So embrace every NO because NO can be a good thing!

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  1. Kimberly Alleyne

    This may made so much sense! If yiu focus on getting 20 nos when you finally get a yes you are so surprised, because all you were going for were nos. So don’t be needy for yes and focus on the nos… I get it!

  2. Lyndon

    Hey that’s the truth. NO has to become an acronym for you. Meaning Next Opportunity. Let’s go get some No’s

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