Home Business Retirement Fund

Would a home business retirement fund be the answer to what you need? It’s no secret most Americans are not prepared to retire. And the level at which they are unprepared is terrifying! A 2013 study by the National Institute On Retirement Security states only 10% of Americans have saved enough in a 401k plan, pension or individual retirement account to put them on track to retire.

More people are coming to the realization that they will have to work well past retirement age or live on a lot less then they’re used to. The average household may have $3,000 in a retirement fund.

People 55 and over might have $12,000 or a little more. Is that enough to live on? I think not! And if there is a medical emergency, all your money could be wiped out!

So again I ask, would a home business retirement fund be the answer? I can’t say it would be right for you, but many baby boomers have turned to home based business opportunities in hopes of generating an extra income without the stress of having a 9 to 5 job. Some of these home based businesses include selling beauty and skin products, health and wellness products, traveling products, lotions and potions, dream trips, etc. You name it, you can sell it from home! However, in order to be successful you must know how to market and generate leads. This is the lead generating system I use. I encourage you to check it out! http://wardfun.getmlspmastery.com

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  1. Kimberly Alleyne

    Great info Mark people just don’t know the f as visit and you surely laid it out for us. Very Informative!!!

    1. Kimberly Alleyne

      I ment they don’t know the facts…Auto correct oops. Great post once again!

  2. matthew alleyne

    I agree Mark you need to do something else other than rely on a retirement plan.

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