Enjoy What You Do

20160123_194522~2The other day while talking with a friend of mine, I asked her why she chose to start a home business. This is what she had to say:

As a child, it was made clear to me by my parents that I was destined for college. After high school graduation, that would naturally be the next step. I didn’t even entertain the possibilities of enlisting in the military or filling out job applications. “I’m saving for your college education,” were the words often spoken by my father. My parents believed in me and expected nothing but the best. So, in August 1992, I began my first year of college.

Although I was initially nervous about starting college, I soon got the hang of it. I was attending classes, taking tests, completing projects and forming new relationships. However, there was just one problem! By my sophomore year, I still didn’t know what I wanted to major in. After much exploring and discussion, I chose education. Why education? Having been an honors student and a “teacher’s pet,” it was the one career field I was most exposed to, and what seemed to be the perfect fit.

Fast forward several years later, I realized halfway through my second year as a teacher that I wasn’t happy with my career choice. Educating tomorrow’s leaders is not a job for everyone. With no excitement or passion, sometimes I dreaded going to work. Being in a career you don’t enjoy is difficult, especially when you’re required to wear many hats. I just found myself being stressed out and even depressed.

I thought I was stuck in a career that is supposed to be “rewarding,” but yet wasn’t rewarding for me, until I learned about the opportunity to have a home business. Since having my own business, my new career is now stress-free and I look forward to work everyday. Naturally, any job in which you want to be successful requires hard work. You may even have to sacrifice some time and money. However, with a home-based business, I don’t mind the hard work because it’s something I enjoy. I pick my own hours. No one is standing over my shoulder nitpicking everything I do and don’t do. Also, I no longer feel like I’m being pulled in several different directions. I am my own BOSS! I am FREE!!! http://wardfun.sixfigurebizbuilder.com/

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