How You Can Be One Of The Few Who Make Money In Network Marketing

fb_img_1486660783886Do you want to know how you can become one of the few who make money in network marketing? Of course you do! You joined the network marketing profession to make money, right? But you’re  not yet making the money your upline said you would or living the “high roller” lifestyle. You’re not even getting the time and freedom you hear so much about in the network marketing profession. So now you’re saying to yourself, “Maybe this isn’t for me! I should quit!”

Making money in network marketing can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right mindset or tools. My friend and mentor Diane told me that if I want to make some money in network marketing, I should find the person making the amount of money I want to make and model after him or her. I’m not to copy that person. I still want to be myself, while following the same path he or she took.

Diane is a six figure earner, so guess who I decided to model after? You guessed it! DIANE!!! The first thing I noticed about Diane is her positive attitude about life. Nothing seems to get her down. She truly believes that everything she puts her hands to will prosper; she has very strong faith! Diane told me that she has a daily prayer and meditation regimen, including her own personal affirmations, that she does first thing in the morning. She believes you have to SEE it before you can have it. Through Diane I have learned that I must have a clear picture of what I want and only focus on that. I must become who I want to be right NOW!! What  has worked for Diane will work for you and me.

What tools did Diane use to get to six figures and become one of the few who make money in network marketing?

1. Email

2. Blog

3. Video

What purpose do these tools serve?

1. Build an audience

2. Engage the audience

3. Sell to the audience

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