Good Things Happen When You’re Consistent

Good things happen when you’re consistent. Now, I will be the first to admit that I have not always been consistent with working my business. I would join MLM companies, and that’s all I would do! I wouldn’t tell anybody about the business. I would just use the products and services and rely on my upline to find people for me. WOW! What a plan, right? Wrong!

To avoid making the same mistakes I made early on, let’s get down to business and make a plan. First, decide what products or services you’re going to provide. Second, decide who you’re going to market your products or services to. That decision will be made depending on what problem your products or services solve. Third, decide how to market, whether it be online or offline. My suggestion is that you do both.

For online marketing, pick a strategy, such as Facebook, Twitter or one of the other social media sites and start posting content that serves your target market. Create videos and blog posts. Do this everyday, sometimes twice a day.

For offline marketing, you want to be out there prospecting like a madman. In fact, don’t stop talking to people until 20 of them have told you no. Why? By following this process, you have a greater chance of finding more people who will take advantage of your products and services.

Finally, it’s important to keep yourself informed and motivated about your business. Listen to the wake up calls from other professionals. Also, connect with other online marketers.

If you follow these strategies everyday, good things will happen for your business. People will want to join your company. Your income will go up. So, always make it a point to be consistent with your online and offline marketing.

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